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2005 Benjamin Romeo Contador  $379.99

2003 Benjamin Romeo Contador  $349.99

2002 Benjamin Romeo Contador  $269.99

2005 Benjamin Romeo Vina de Andres  $159.99

2004 Benjamin Romeo Vina de Andres  $159.99

2003 Benjamin Romeo Vina de Andres  $139.99


Bodegas Benjamin Romeo, the story

There is no doubt that Benjamin Romeo is a perfectionist when it comes to winemaking.   He is both passionate in the bodega, and obsessive in the vineyard.  He worked as winemaker at Artadi between 1985 and 2000, and now has his own small project where he makes limited quantities of super-expensive, but also high quality, limited production Rioja, called, Contador, Cuvea del Contador, and La Vina de Andres, named after his father Andres.

Situated in and around San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Benjamin has 7 hectares, with half devoted to  La Vina de Andres, and the other half divided between 20 plots averaging 130 feet square with vines up to 45-100 years old.  The vines are situated at the altitude of 400-600 metres above see level and are called 'El Saúco', 'El Bullón', 'Azkueta', 'Mindiarte', 'San Juan', 'Asnillas'.  Benjamin also acquired several caves or “grotto’s”,   dating back to the 12th and 16th centuries.  One such grotto situated in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, is under the belltower, which is depicted on the Contador’s label.  Contador, translated means “book-keeper”

The attention to detail of these is exemplified from hand selection of grapes to, personally traveling to Extremadura to select the individual cork trees, for the corks, incidentally the same cork supply that is used by Ch Petrus.  During the grape ripening time of the year, Benjamin visits the vineyard daily, many of which are bordered by wild flowers and herbs.  He feels the aromatics of the herbs have an influence on the wine grapes. 

Fermentation takes place at 25°С, then malolactic fermentation takes place. The barriques are different from 7-8 producers, always softly roasted. The wine is matured during 18 months. 

The production for all Benjamin Romeo wines are absurdly low, with Contador being just a few hundred bottles in North America.  Wine critics have given the wines rave reviews.  For the string of 2000 to 2005 vintages, The Wine Advocate has given Contador scores of, 98, 98, 96, 99, 100, 100. 



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