Holiday Shipping Info:  Important Holiday delivery information. Any order placed after 3:00pm PST, December 16th will need to be 3-day air to arrive before Christmas.  Then starting December 22nd, only 2nd day air, and on December 23 only next day air will be available for Christmas delivery.   If you place your order , and request shipping that does not fall under our recommended shipping, your shipment may not be delivered by Christmas, and we assume no liability.  Any order placed with ground shipping on or after 3:00pm PST, December 16th  will not be delivered by Christmas.  All delivery times the responsibility of the shippers.  It is your responsibility to read, and understand the shipping options.  Our shipping department will be closed for the holidays from December 24th - 28th.   We will make every attempt to expedite all shipments the same day to allow enough time for delivery before Christmas, but this is not guaranteed.

Please make sure you leave enough time for your holiday orders.  Also make sure to check your email regarding your order so we can get your response to questions we might have regarding your order.  Remember the longer it takes for you to respond to us, the longer it will take to process and ship your order.  The stated shipping time of delivery does not include the day shipped, or ordered.  Example; a shipment sent 3 day air Monday will arrive on a Thursday.  Our last pick up by our shippers is approximately 3:30 - 4:00 pm, please keep this in mind when placing an order for expedited or overnight shipping, as any orders for priority overnight shipping not placed early enough will not be able to be processed, packed and shipped until the following day at the earliest


General Shipping Information

Due to the warmer weather during the months of June, July, August, September, and into October in some areas, please observe the following shipping advice.  We recommend 3 day air or better for all shipments, as ground shipping takes 5 business days for delivery to most locations in the U.S. and the delivery time is normally by the end of the delivery day.  See estimated delivery times below.  With very warm temperatures, this will cause the bottles to leak as it is 20 to 40 degrees warmer in the delivery trucks than the outside air temperature.   When shipping into areas 85+ degrees we recommend early morning deliveries only.  The most cost efficient of these is the 2-day A.M., which is available only to a business address.  The other A.M. delivery is next day, of which there are two, standard (12:00pm), and early (10:30am), these are available to a residence.  


Estimated delivery time

Normally, please allow up to 48 hours to process your order.  We do not process orders after our store hours of 5:00pm.  An order received after 5:00 pm will not be put into the processing queue until the following day, and then take up to 48 hours to process, and ship.  The stated shipping time of delivery does not include the day shipped, or ordered.  If you place an order for 3-day air, the delivery time is in ADDITION TO THE DAY SHIPPED.  Example; a shipment sent 3 day air Monday will arrive on a Thursday, if we are able to ship it out the same day, or Friday if shipped out the following day. if the estimated delivery time falls on a weekend, we will at our discretion hold your shipment so it does not sit in a warehouse over the weekend.  If you need the shipment by a specific date, please let us know, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Our last pick up by our shippers is approximately 3:30 - 4:00 pm, please keep this in mind when placing an order for expedited or overnight shipping, as any orders for priority overnight shipping not placed early enough will not be able to be processed, packed and shipped until the following day at the earliest.  There are NO pickups or deliveries on SAT, or SUN, other than overnight SAT delivery.  The delivery services do not consider the weekends as normal shipping days.  Expect possible delays during the holidays, as both weather, and mechanical breakdowns do occur.  The shippers will not refund in such instances, be advised.  Please let us know if your order needs to be expedited, regardless of the method of shipping selected.  We will try our best to get it out ASAP.  email us on our customer service page, or call us at:707 939-6611

We always recommend shipping to a business address where someone will be present to receive it during business hours, as all shipments require an adult signature. If the shipment is returned to us for an improper, or incomplete address, we will have to re-charge you for re-shipment, so please make sure the address is complete including business name, and suite number if going to a business complex.  Occasionally, an order may require additional insurance if it contains high value wines, we will add this additional insurance to your order total.

By submitting an order to Taylor & Norton Wine Merchants ( web site you are stating that you are 21 years old or older, and warrant that you are legally able to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.

By submitting an order you hereby agree and understand that ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE SOLD IN CALIFORNIA AND TITLE PASSES TO THE BUYER IN CALIFORNIA. We make no representation to the legal rights and ability of anyone to ship or import wines into any state outside of California. YOU the buyer are solely responsible for shipment of alcoholic beverage products.

By placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MAY BE SOLD AND DELIVERED ONLY TO PERSONS WHO ARE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD. AND BY PLACING YOUR ORDER, YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT TO US THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD AND THAT THE PERSON TO WHOM DELIVERY WILL BE MADE IS AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD AND CAN ACCEPT DELIVERY OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. When your alcoholic beverages are delivered, the person receiving delivery will be required to show identification proving that he or she is at least 21 years old. If any person under 21 years of age fraudulently orders and has wine shipped to them, the wine will not be released to them, and will be returned to us, and the cost of return shipping will be charged to the responsible party. BY ORDERING YOU AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE SELLER FOR ANY RESULTING CONSEQUENCE OF A FRAUDULENT ORDER OR ANY MISREPRESENTATION AS TO THE AGE OR LEGAL ABILITY OF ANY INTENDED RECIPIENT TO RECEIVE SHIPMENT OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES

Parents or legal guardians will be held responsible for actions of their minor children. If necessary, legal action will be taken against all parties attempting "wire fraud" The cost of shipping to, and returning to us of any wine in any such operation will be charged to that agency. NO EXCEPTIONS.

International Orders.
Shipping for International Orders will be quoted by email. We do not ship to Indonesia, Central or South America, Canada, Africa, The Middle East, and selected countries of eastern Europe. Contact us with your country before placing your order.

Vintage Changes/out of stock/quantity less than ordered
Occasionally, some vintages that appear on our web site may be out of stock or, less than the order placed. All wines are subject to availability, and may be sold out at any time. We attempt to maintain a current inventory, but we sell wine via the internet, telephone, and our retail stores, and inventory changes quickly. Placing an order is not a guarantee that the item is in-stock, or we have the quantity that you ordered, but a request for that product in the quantity requested. We will process your order if we have the product you ordered in-stock, at the quantity ordered, we will not process your order if we do not have the product in-stock, or have less than you ordered, until we contact you first. When these situations arise, we contact you with the following options:

1. Give you the option to add to your order, with a different product.
2. Delete the out-of-stock item from the order, and process the remaining order.
3. Cancel the order entirely.


Because of the fees charged by your credit card company when we charge and subsequently credit your card, we will enforce the collection of our restocking fee, if your card has already been charged. We charge your card when your order is pulled from inventory, packed, and prepared for shipping. If we haven't charged your credit card, you may cancel the order without being subject to our restocking fee. If we have already charged your card, the cancelled processed credit card order for wines in-stock, shipped or not, are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Cancelled processed credit card "special" orders are also subject to a 10% restocking fee. Please check your order receipt carefully to make sure you ordered the correct wine. We will not be responsible for any incorrect orders placed you, the customer. Any incorrect orders that are processed and shipped will be subject to a 10% restocking fee, as well as shipping charges back to us if you want to return the item (s).

Shipping Conditions.
Taylor & Norton Wine Merchants reserves the right to hold shipment of your wine during extreme weather conditions. Taylor & Norton Wine Merchants cannot be responsible for damage to wine (including leakage or damaged corks) shipped to you against our express protestations in regards to weather conditions. Please be aware of the scheduled delivery information, as the date, and location of your delivery cannot be changed once it leaves our warehouse. It is the purchasers responsibility to be present, or the recipient if a gift, be present, when the shipment arrives.  Taylor & Norton will not be responsible for orders not delivered by any specific date due to the shipper, weather delays, or reciepents not being present to take delivery.  If the weather is very hot or cold in your area, and you would like us to postpone our shipping, please advise us. Use the weather in your area as a guide, when making your choice for best shipping method. We do not advise shipping ground during temperatures over 85 degrees, or under 32. If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know.

Taylor & Norton Wine Merchants cannot be responsible for wine damaged by a shipper or inappropriate storage/handling on the part of the buyer, although we will make a reasonable effort to resolve any disputes. We reserve the right to refuse sales if we deem it to be inappropriate and/or unsafe.


Price increase on shipping by major shipping carriers

All the major shippers have had significant price increases in 2008, primarily due to the cost of fuel. Air shipments have been affected the most.  We offer free storage during the summer months on any purchases, to provide you the option of shipping via ground during the cooler months. 





We cannot ship to PO, APO, or FPO box offices. Not all items available to all states. 

Orders to Alaska or Hawaii must only be shipped 2nd Day Air

Incorrect, insufficient, or change of address will incur a $10.00 surcharge.

We reserve the right to charge return shipping for refused or undelivered packages.

Please allow up to 2 business days for your order to be processed.



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